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“Over the nearly 10 years I’ve known Beth, she has consistently impressed me with her knowledge, insight, and ability to distill complex issues and identify solutions.  She was one of the first people I called to help me evaluate the legitimacy of the [shadowbox] tool and understand its potential in a crowded software services market.  Her review was critical for me in understanding the opportunities and hurdles I would face in commercializing the product and scaling the company.  She immediately understood and effectively conveyed to my team the critical objectives we needed to prioritize, and then followed up with quality suggestions as to how to do so.  Perhaps most importantly, Beth is really great to work with.  She is a rare breed in that she’s not only an accomplished finance executive, but she’s also an excellent listener and communicator.  It is clear that she is invested in her client’s success and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who asked.” – Gregory A. Stein. Chief Executive Officer, ShadowBox

“I worked with Beth in various business unit lead roles for eight plus years. Beth was hands down the best financial partner I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She knew our business inside and out and would go out of here way to ensure we had the proper insights to both manage and make decisions for the business. I always appreciated Beth’s ability to corral and focus cross functional teams to drive alignment and execution towards company objectives. Beth was someone you could count on to step up and find a way to make the sometimes impossible happen. She would be a tremendous asset to any organization.” – Michael Buchheim, CEO, PredictifyMe

“In my role as Managing Director at PwC, I worked closely with Beth on a number of critical strategic projects. She had a strong grasp of the business and the companies strategic objectives, while at the same time helping to drive incremental, pragmatic change to advance the longer term business agenda. She was a key participant in many key initiatives across the company, including finance, IT and product strategy. She was a key participant in executive decision making due to her in-depth knowledge and strong personal credibility. I would strongly recommend Beth and would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with her again.” – Cindy McKenzie, Managing Director, PwC

“Beth is passionate about making a difference. She’s outcome-oriented, with a unique ability to move between strategic, tactical and operational contexts to help teams execute. She was instrumental in developing the BI capabilities at Rovi, and a key driver for the pivot towards our long-term strategy. Her change management skills are excellent – I was always impressed by the way she worked in such a complex and dynamic environment. Throughout our time together, I’ve always known Beth to be creative, positive, and focused on the goal. She always delivered. It’s my pleasure to recommend her, and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.” – Michael Henry, CIO, Digital Realty

“Beth has excellent strategic financial skills and is adept at managing large scope / size business objectives across complex global organizations. Her work is purposeful and does not waste cycle time on irrelevant issues. Her experience and business instincts allow her to create strong business partnering relationships and add true value in decision making.” – Ben Rasmussen, Board Director, Nexben

“Beth is a strategic thinker who is also very detailed-oriented. In the time I worked with her at Rovi she demonstrated deep knowledge of the business and a unique ability to build consensus and drive results. She is very smart, dedicated, and genuinely cares about her work, her employees, and the company. She also is a well-rounded executive that can effectively manage a variety of functions.” – Dustin Finer, Chief Administrative and Internal Operations Officer, TiVo

“I worked with Beth on the divestiture of DivX. Beth is excellent. Beth has a strong command of the details and was thoughtful on how to approach challenges that arose during the transaction. Beth would be a great addition to any team!” – Gerry Walters, Head of Technology Investment Banking, Wells Fargo Securities

“I have known Beth for over 14 years, and we have worked together for at least ten.  In those years, she has been my boss, my mentor, my sponsor and advocate.  As a leader, she is inspirational and innovative.  She is a trailblazer for women in tech, and she makes a concerted effort to pay it forward by engaging and coaching future leaders.” – Emily Weigand, VP Finance Anaplan

“Beth has excellent vision of the big picture that drives a company’s success, but at the same time, she understands the underlying processes and actions that are needed to turn that strategic plan into reality. Whether it’s charting an M&A path, determining a smart plan for growth, optimizing systems or affecting cross-functional efficiencies, Beth has an incredible amount of experience and she delivers results.

As a leader, she creates loyal, engaged teams because she truly cares about her employees, and she helps them connect their own roles to the greater success of the company. Over the twenty years that I have known and worked for her, I have seen her lead finance departments at companies both big and small through times of massive transformation. The one constant is that her teams excel because her passion for what she does is contagious – she expects high performance from her people, and she creates an atmosphere that gives them the tools and knowledge to succeed.

Beth is also a great leader of cross-functional projects. She is able to understand the perspective of various stake-holders and recognize their strengths and challenges, deftly bringing together all the aspects of the business towards a common goal. She’s amazingly efficient and productive, but at the same time, she’s insightful and an expert communicator. I’m proud to be a part of her team.” – Lydia Nepture, Consulting Director, Crocker Finance